Upcoming Events

Currently at:

Humble Cafe
370 Docklands Drive 6th floor
Previous Events

Absinthe Salon
82 Rose Street

Nov. 30
Bower Bird Bar
274 Bridge Rd, Richmond 
Reception is Nov 30

Dec 1st to Feb 2
52 8th Ave, NYC 10014
Reception is Dec 6th

Brooklyn Zoo Venue
230 Bogart St
Hours are dependent on the day

Nov 1st to Nov 30
Buunni Coffee
213 Pinehurst Ave

June to Oct 14
New York Studio
86th and Yorkville Ave
(1629 York Ave, New York, NY 10028)
Hours are dependent on the day

Aug 24 Wednesday
Bogart House 
230 Bogart street 
7 to 10pm 
Private venue and one night exhibition

April 27 Wednesday 
Bogart House 
230 Bogart st
8 to 10pm

Nov 4 Wednesday 
77 east 7th St
7 to 10pm

June 11 Thursday
77 East 7th street
7 to 10 pm

Feb. 12 Thursday
77 East 7th street
7 to 10 pm

Jan. 20, Tuesday
Meghan Oare's closing art reception
Art Bar
52 west 8th
8 to 10PM

Dec. 9 Tuesday
Meghan Oare's painting reception
Art Bar
52 west 8th Ave
7 to 10pm
Exhibit from Dec. 1 to Jan.  31

May 1 to 30
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Private Group Exhibition

March 1, Saturday
"The Brooklyn Live At Fair"
Brooklyn Lyceum
7pm-2 am
tickets at the door

Dec. 9, Thursday
Klimat Lounge
(77 East 7th St)
Group exhibit of  "Ocular Diversity"
7 to 10pm
Artists Included
Brenda Killhefner-Percy
Summer Bhullar
Andy Taylor
Nicole Mazur
Meghan Oare
curated by Meghan Oare
Jan.2-Jan. 31, 2014

Dec. 12, Thursday
Klimat Lounge
(77 East 7th St)
Solo exhibit of  "Time"
7 to 10pm
Dec.1, 2013-Jan.1, 2014
JULY 10, 2013
Klimat(77 East 7th St)
Solo exhibit of  "Flowers in Life"
7 to 10pm
Drink specials on polish Zywiec and Ocochim beer $5

OCT. 8, 2012
The Empire Hotel Rooftop
(63rd between 8th and 9th Ave)
Group Show
Free admission
Must be 21+
Sponsored by NY Invitations

Yorkville Saloon
(York Ave between 83 and 84 st.)
Meghan Oare's Painting Exhibit
Free admission
Nice venue for dancing and socializing!!!

Yorkville Creperie
(York Ave between 83 and 84 street)
Aug. 21
7-7:30 1.2 priced drinks
Open invitation to this event!

(77 East 7th St)
Reception: April 17
Tuesday nights for the month of April
Meghan Oare Artist
Brenda Percy Photographer
Lynette Williams Musician
Tickets $5

(+61) 0479 107 874 
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